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Very often a product guarantee or the lack of a good one holds just as much weight with you as the quality and price of the product you are buying does. It's just not smart to buy without ensuring the product manufacturer or supplier offers a guarantee because defects can go unnoticed before shipment, and damage to products can happen in transport from warehouse to your home. Irregularities in the design or finishing process, even minute ones, could affect the performance of a product which is why you want to make sure you have an iron-clad guarantee before buying. Damage during shipping is usually readily apparent, while irregularities may not be so obvious and may take awhile before they affect the performance of the product you have bought. For this reason, getting the longest term guarantee possible is recommended. The mattress you buy for your bed or the beds in your home is the last thing you want to take a chance on. This is because sleep is so important for the health of your family and guests staying in your home. Latex mattresses for beds by Dunlopillo available from Mattress Next Day, a leading UK bed mattress supplier, carry a five year guarantee. Latex beds of course provide many benefits. They are easy to care for. They protect you from harmful airborne germs, dust mites and other microbes that can get into the linings of other bed mattresses and increase allergy symptoms and keep you from getting your rest. Combined with a five year guarantee of satisfaction, this is a purchase you can have confidence in. For further details on Dunlopillo mattresses for beds, www.mattressnextday.co.uk.