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Have you met the Silentnight snoring Hippo yet?

Well, have you? If you have not yet been introduced to this miraculous stuffed toy then you are seriously missing out. This is the finest toy you will ever have the opportunity to enjoy. Not only is it soft and plushy it is animated! Having this cuddly stuffed animal is like having a baby that is easy to take care of. It is as cute as all get out with its sleepy little hippo face and his striped pajamas are simply the most darling little things in blue and white stripes. He makes the prefect gift for anyone on your list whether they are a child or an adult. Everyone can appreciate how adorable he is. His body moves and he snores as if really sleeping. Another important thing about this hippo is that he meets all European safety standards so you know that when you buy him for a child they are not at risk of becoming injured when playing with him. This is always something you need to be aware of when purchasing a toy for a child of any age. The makers of this wonderful cuddly toy have gone to great lengths to make sure it is as safe and fun to play with as any other toy out there on the market today. Everyone loves the Silentnight Snoring Hippo, he looks great, feels great and even sounds great. What more could you ask for in a stuffed toy?