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How Dorlux Memory Foam Gives you a Better Night's Sleep

Dorlux mattresses with memory foam provide an excellent night?s sleep through a variety of features. Memory foam is an invention of the space industry. Although NASA never used memory foam, the medical community soon took note of its benefits. Doctors have long battled pressure sores and even gangrene in patients that were confined to bed for an extended period of time. Turning the patient to reduce pressure on certain parts of the body helped some, but these aggressive and hard to heal sores remained a problem. Memory foam was a great discovery for these patients. Areas prone to pressure sores, such as hip bones and shoulder blades, pressed down further on the memory foam than the surrounding muscle and tissue. The memory foam responded by creating a pocket for the fragile area, eliminating the restricted blood flow and pressure that cause sores. Memory foam is made from polyurethane. Additional chemicals increase the density of the foam. When the foam is cool, it is very firm. When warmed, the foam becomes softer. How does this translate to mattresses? Your body heat will instantly soften the mattress when you lay down. This forms a perfect impression of the body. Dorlux mattresses cradle the body, holding it gently. This reduces and even eliminates much of the tossing and turning that otherwise disrupts a perfect night?s sleep. Due to the ability of memory foam to hold warmth, Dorlux beds also make a nice choice for people who are perpetually cold at night. www.mattressnextday.co.uk