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Choosing the right mattress is vital when it comes to being assured of getting a good night?s sleep and Myers makes it easy to choose the right one. Regardless of the mattress you choose, all our mattresses are manufactured to the highest quality, using only the best quality materials. Mattresses come with a range of fabric covers, ranging from modern knitted stretch fabrics to woven Damasks of high quality. You can also choose from different finishes on your mattress; a quilted finish is smoother and flatter, while a tufted finish is a little more uneven. Mattress fillings range from high resilience polyester in our more economical mattresses; to a wool and cotton blend in our more expensive mattresses. Different fillings have different benefits ? cotton absorbs moisture and has a softer feel, polyester has good recovery properties and coir, made from coconut fibre, means you don?t feel the springs as much. You may want to consider a memory foam mattress, which some claim to be the ultimate in comfort. This type of mattress is made from visco-elastic material, which moves as the person moves, adjusting to their shape. Not only are they comfortable, but also beneficial for arthritis or aching limbs. And if you would rather not have the chore of turning your mattress, check our range of non turn mattresses. Let Myers help you choose the mattress that is just right for you ? after all, you will spend almost a third of your life on it! www.mattressnextday.co.uk