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How to clean a mattress properly

Mattress cleaning is not the most glamorous task but it is a necessary one. Cleaning a mattress prolongs the life of the mattress and should be done twice a year. Spring is the perfect time to give your mattress a good scrub and we're going to break down the easiest ways to do it. Here's how to clean a mattress properly...


Before you start any proper cleaning, make sure to give your mattress a good vacuum. It will remove any dust, crumbs or just general stuff that you'd prefer not to scrub into your mattress.

To freshen up

If you have a mattress that isn't very stained but could use a freshen up. Mix washing up liquid with hot water then apply the solution evenly to the mattress. Once applied evenly, give the mattress a scrub using a microfibre cloth making sure to not disrupt the fabric. Leave to air in natural sunlight if possible.

To remove stains

If there's a particularly stubborn stain that needs removing. Treat them with a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide, washing up liquid and baking soda. For easy use, mix them into a spray bottle and spray directly on to the stain. Once it's settled in, take a clean microfibre cloth and wipe away the mixture.

Monthly cleans

If you'd like to keep your mattress cleaner between deep cleans. You can vacuum the mattress once a month then apply a deodorizer. This will keep the mattress free from dust and other nasties. Try to use a deodorizer with antibacterial properties. It will keep bacteria at bay whilst smelling fresh.


And last but not least. To keep your mattress in the best health possible, always use a mattress protector. It will protect your mattress from liquids seeping through, dust and prevent the presence of dust mites. Read reasons you need a mattress protector, here. Shop our full range of accessories, here. Brought to you by MattressNextDay.