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The eminent bed maker Hypnos, known for crafting luxurious and comfortable beds, offers a selection of mattresses that are a cut above the rest for their highly detailed, careful craftsmanship, natural materials, and supportive design. Each mattress in the Hypnos collection features patented "RaActive No Need to Turn" technology. Employing this technology, Hypnos constructs mattresses with sensitive, high quality springs that adjust to the contours of your body. With these mattresses, you can sleep the whole night through in one position and wake up feeling utterly fresh and well rested. All of the beautiful Hypnos mattresses are manufactured using white fiber that is non-allergenic. These fibers help the mattress to keep its shape throughout the night and give you the softest sleep imaginable. Each model is upholstered with your relaxation in mind, using the finest cotton felt and imported lambs wool available on the market. Some models, such as the Emerald, Sapphire, and Platinum models, feature reflex or memory foam to afford you additional comfort and orthopedic support while you sleep. The Sapphire mattress is topped with a generous layer of silk and wool for an impressively soft touch. When you purchase a durable Hypnos mattress, you are making a wise investment in future nights of wonderful relaxation. Hypnos mattresses are crafted to last and last: the borders of every mattress are hand stitched along multiple seams, so that over the years, your mattress will maintain its shape, comfort and optimum support. www.mattressnextday.co.uk