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Hypnos Orthos Support Bed

The Hypnos Orthos Support line of beds offers the ultimate in luxury and orthopedic support. This line features an innovative reactive pocket-spring system, making the restful sleep of which you've always dreamed a reality. Each highly reactive spring has been crafted from four feet of tensile steel, and provides the support necessary for a truly comfortable sleep. This patented spring system, aptly named the "ReActive No Need to Turn" spring system, supports the contours of your spine, so that you never have to toss and turn to find comfort again. For added support and comfort, Hypnos offers a "Reactive Pillow," the perfect supplement to the Orthos Support bed. This pillow uses similar reactive spring technology to support your head in any position, and its soft, breathable materials ensure that a comfortable temperature and shape are maintained throughout your night of sleep. The Hypnos Orthos Support line also features three convenient trundle storage options. Inside these carefully handcrafted drawers, you can store a few Reactive pillows, or some extra blankets when the weather turns during the winter season. The "Zip and Link" mattress feature allows two people with different support preferences to align two divans next to one another, so that you and your partner can both enjoy the perfect night of sleep, suited perfectly to your individual support needs. www.mattressnextday.co.uk