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Hypnos Traditional Bedstead Mattresses Are True Gems

Hypnos Beds, luxury bedmakers by appointment to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, recognize that everyone deserves a good night's sleep. Their offerings include several collections of complete bed-and-divan sets, as well as two collections of bedstead mattresses to be used with your own bedstead. The Traditional Bedstead collection includes five ranges of mattresses, each named for a precious gem. The naming scheme is well-taken, for each is a true jewel of sleeping comfort.

Zircon is the company's budget line of traditional bedstead mattresses. It features the superior comfort of Hypnos' ReActive sleep support system and is upholstered with pure cotton felt and lambswool. With a spring density of 850 springs, it offers true sleep comfort and support.

Opal offers the same features as the Zircon, with 1,100 springs for a more reactive sleep support system. Upholstered in pure cotton and lambswool, the Opal mattress also features two rows of hand-stitching on the sides for added edge support.

Jade increases the number of springs to 1,250, and adds a cushion of reflex foam for more comfort and support.

Ruby is a pure delight, with over 1,400 ReActive springs, a cushion of reflex foam, upholstery in pure cotton felt and a topping of luxury silk and wool. Like the rest of the Traditional collection, it features two rows of hand stitching at the sides for edge support.

Diamond is Hypnos top of the range Traditional Bedstead collection. The spring count of over 1,600 is the highest offered by the company. The mattress is upholstered in pure cotton felt and 100% lambswool, and padded with a thick layer of memory foam.