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Innovation and Invention ? A Short History of Simmons Bedding

Simmons Bedding Company is one of the most respected names in the mattress world. When Zalman Simmons originally founded the Simmons Company in 1870, his intent was to manufacture wooden cheese boxes and insulators. Had he not changed that direction in 1876, the world of bedding would be a very different world today. Over the years, Simmons Bedding Company has been responsible for most of the major innovations in mattress making, and has helped shape the way the world sleeps today. Among the landmarks in the history of Simmons Bedding Company are: 1889 - Simmons introduced spiral coil springs for woven mattresses. The manufacturing process dropped the price of store-bought woven wire mattresses from $12 to 99 cents, making it possible for everyone to afford a comfortable night's sleep. 1900 - James Marshall of Simmons Bedding Company patented a wrapped coil spring which would become the basis of pocketed coil spring mattresses and other innovations. 1925 - John Franklin Gail, a Simmons engineer, designed a machine that automated the process of making pocketed coils. His innovation became the basis of the Simmons Beautyrest mattresses that are still manufactured today. That same year, Simmons Bedding Company commissioned the first ever scientific sleep study to help them make better mattresses. 1930 - Simmons Bedding Company introduced the Studio Couch, which was a sofa by day and a bed by night. 1958 - Simmons Bedding Company introduced the first queen and king size mattresses, offering more sleep room to millions of people worldwide. 1995 - Simmons Bedding Company introduced the Simmons BackCare Mattresses, designed for proper spine alignment. 2001 - Simmons introduced the Olympic Queen Size mattress, offering more sleeping room on a standard queen size bed frame. 2004 - Simmons introduced the Health Smart line of mattresses, designed for cleaner, healthier sleep environments.