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Is there help for the indecisive?

Question: I have wanted a new bed for quite some time now. I most likely could use a new mattress as well. My desire for a bed that will be comfortable for sleeping in and that is also a beautiful centerpiece for my bedroom is what I have been in search of. Happily I have found my way here and to your Silentnight selection. But now that I have seen all of the beautiful styles of beds on offer, I cannot decide on which one style will work best as the centerpiece for my bedroom. I have no difficulty in knowing that I want high quality furniture without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for it. But considering that I am having this much trouble in making the right choice for me in a bed style, how on earth am I going to choose the perfect mattress for my new bed? Is there help available for the frustratingly indecisive like me? Answer: Yes, we are here to assist our valued customers in making the decisions in bed and mattress styles that they will be the happiest with and get the most enjoyment, comfort, value, and lasting use from. We can help you in selecting the bed style that bests fits the dimensions of your bedroom and the color and decorating scheme already in place, as well as selecting the style you will be happy to own and have as the centerpiece for your bedroom. We will also make suggestions to you on the type of mattress you may find work best for the bed you have chosen.