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Is Your Sleep Looking for a Sanctuary?

When we are not sleeping well because of the performance of our mattress, we all dream of the day we find a sanctuary in or search for a good night's sleep. Statistics even say that sleep is becoming our own personal endangered species because people are not getting enough sleep either because their lives are too busy to do so or their mattress is not right for them. Rest Assured saw a great year in 2006 with the release of its Sanctuary Collection of beds. Through the incorporation of mini spring technology and memory foam in the highly demanded comfort of pillow top, Rest Assured defined innovation. The Sanctuary Collection of beds added to Rest Assured's collection of beds that intertwine comfort, luxury, and sophistication while providing beds with long life spans due to durability. One of the highlights of the Sanctuary Collection is the Paradise, which contains 2,600 pocketed springs and Kaptex? knitted fabric that is bonded to memory foam. Anyone who knows anything about memory foam knows that the body-encompassing effects lead to incredible comfort that is not to be denied. Pressure is relieved on your body, causing you to embark on a deeper sleep that will make you feel more awake and alive than you have experienced before. What it comes down to is the techniques and the technology used in the construction of Rest Assured beds. Without a good sleeping surface, you're not going to sleep well and without sleep you will not function to your potential, so with the beds offered by Rest Assured, you can find your sleep sanctuary and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. www.mattressnextday.co.uk