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King Koil - The History Of Bedding Royalty

During the year 1898, King Koil was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota. This company began with only six employees and a small warehouse on the west side of town! Founded by company owner Samuel Bronstein, if alive he would be thrilled to know he still has a thriving company, even though it is over 100 years old! Throughout its century-long lifespan, King Koil has maintained its commitment to offering the highest quality bedding to its customers. With 40 manufacturing facilities and an expanded coverage of products and services to sixty countries, King Koil is still growing, while maintaining the high quality products the company prides itself on. With a mixture of uniform product specifications followed at all the manufacturing facilities and a regional responsiveness by each individual factory, King Koil has found a system that promotes its continued growth and the satisfaction of its local customers. King Koil is a highly regarded sleep system in the medical community, as well. Over the years, doctors in the chiropractic field have stated that the King Koil brand is "The World's Best Selling Chiropractic Endorsed Sleep System". This kudo has increased the company's national and international standing, making King Koil a prominent name in the sleep industry. Today, King Koil continues to learn, grow, and change with new medical and scientific developments in sleep systems. All products are offered at affordable prices, while giving a healthy night's sleep to all who use them.