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We are always seeing television commercials about beds and mattresses that will enhance your sleeping experience and make you wake up refreshed and anew. Yes, there are beds out there that can do that. Take the beds made by Rest Assured, for example. These beds take handmade techniques and technology and put them together in one package. They are certainly not your mom and dad's mattresses from back in the day. These beds prove that modern doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable. One of the beds that Rest Assured offers that is innovation at its finest is the Restmaster Adjustable. Close your eyes and imagine a bed that supports your entire body while giving you the most comfortable sleeping position possible. The touch of a button can do this for you. It is the touch of that button that is going to help you discover what sleeping position is the position that is best for you. The 3 Zoned pocket spring mattress allows you the support of Rest Assured's Ortho in the middle of the mattress. You do not have to worry about dust mites with the anti-dustmite, no turn, hypoallergenic mattress. The adjustable slat system gives you additional support and you can adjust the bed to give you support in the places where you need it. So as you can see, the Restmaster Adjustable is another one of those innovative beds that Rest Assured has presented for your comfort. It cannot be expressed enough how vital it is that you receive the best sleep possible without the interruption of an uncomfortable mattress. www.mattressnextday.co.uk