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Memory Foam Crib Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses aren't just for adults. These comfortable mattresses are for babies and toddlers, too. Many manufacturers of memory foam mattresses make crib mattresses in the same body soothing materials used for larger mattresses. It's no secret that memory foam mattresses are more expensive than other mattresses, so why spend the extra money on a crib mattress that will only be used for two years or so? Infants should sleep on their backs and it is recommended that very young infants sleep with no covers for their safety. This can leave a child cold at night. Memory foam mattresses adjust to a person's body temperature and can help keep a child warmer and cozier during the night. An infant who has trouble sleeping may sleep better on a memory foam mattress. The more comfortable a baby is, the better sleep he will get. Any parent who has spent countless nights trying to calm a crying baby will tell you - whatever you can do to get the baby comfortable and sleeping through the night is worth it for the parent and the baby. Memory foam mattresses have a very long life. They can last four times as long as a traditional spring mattress. Sure the first baby may only use it for two years, but at the end of those two years it will be in great condition and ready to be handed down to next sibling or cousin in line. It's important to make sure that the memory foam mattress that is purchased for a crib is a high quality mattress that does not contain toxic ingredients like formaldehyde or PBDE (polybrominateddiphenylether). These ingredients can be harmful to young children, and high quality memory foam crib mattresses do not contain them.