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You have no doubt caught wind through announcements broadcast by the health community, or perhaps by reading a magazine article about the nasty buggers that can thrive within the infrastructures of most mattresses. What a detestable image it is to think about bed bugs infesting your mattress and the mattresses of your children, and crawling over and feeding off of you while you sleep. How about the thought about how these "buggers" can cause sickness? Detestable and frightening to consider, but true nonetheless. Anyone who has ever tried to clean and de-infest a traditional bed mattress because they don't want sickness ?inducing bed partners, knows what a daunting task it is. Most of them also recognize that these processes of cleaning and de-infesting must be repeated often. They wonder too if the recommended processes really do the job. Protect yourself and your children from these nightly bed buggers. How? Invest in bed mattresses that bed bugs, fungus, and bacteria cannot penetrate in order to set up base camps in. Dunlopillo bed mattresses feature impenetrable-latex to protect you and your family from infestations by all types of bed buggers, including bed bugs, dust, mold, and bacteria. MattressNextDay.co.uk is a leading supplier of affordable Dunlopillo bed mattresses. Visiting their online showroom will allow you to browse through the wide selections in style, size, and storage of the Dunlopillo mattress collection. You will find that all of the mattresses in the Dunlopillo latex bed mattress collection are most affordable, and offer many benefits. Your investment here is not a large amount of money, but the worthwhile investment in your family's health. www.mattressnextday.co.uk.