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You've known for quite some time that it is time for a new bed, but you're bed shopping experiences have not been pleasant ones in the past. You've had this raggedy old thing for years and many things have occurred since you brought it home that exciting evening when you were thinking to yourself, "I am going to sleep so well tonight." Well, you probably did sleep well that night, but after time you had children, you moved to a new home?twice, and the dog has made your bed its preferred sleeping area. This is why Rest Assured makes it easy for you to choose the right mattress. Bed shopping shouldn't be a nightmare because of the apprehension associated with not knowing if the choice is right or not. Below are a few of the things that Rest Assured offers to ensure that you are getting the right bed: ? Pocket spring system: The bed uses pocket springs ? Hand Side Stitching: A traditional and labourious technique that gives you the maximum sleeping surface. ? No Turn Mattress: No more having to turn the mattress to reduce settlement ? Turn Mattress: The traditional style mattress in which it must be turned to preserve the filling's performance and to reduce settlement. ? Lambswool Filling: A wonderful filling promoting ultimate comfort. Rest Assured offers so much more to ensure your comfort and the quality of your sleep. It simply depends on the preferences of those purchasing the beds. But rest assured that shopping for a bed with that premium mattress does not have to be harder than buying a home or even moving. Sometimes we just have to admit defeat and say, "Okay honey, it's time." www.mattressnextday.co.uk