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Perfect Contour Mattresses from King Koil

King Koil mattresses are known all over as high quality beds that will give you everything you need at a price that won't destroy your budget. For a great example of these incredibly high quality beds, you should certainly check out one of their quality lines of beds such as the Perfect Contour mattress line. Perfect Contour mattresses have a serious advantage over the competition when it comes to the way that their springs are set up. You will never suffer the discomforts of a box spring mattress that is the perfect firmness in some places, but much too hard or soft in other once you have tried the Perfect Contour mattress. That is because the Perfect Contour line of beds does not just have a single style of coil. Instead, these beds are engineered to fit your body perfectly with five zones of dual gauge coils placed just where your body needs them most. These five zones of coils are laced tightly together with head-to-toe connecting wires to keep them still and in position, making the Perfect Contour Mattress line from King Koil resistant to motion sensitivity as well. You will be isolated from the movements of others in the bed, and better able to get the rest that you need.