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Relax the Night Away on a Waterlattex Mattress

If you're looking for a more comfortable sleep and a mattress that is made to promote relaxation and support, look no further. Available as part of the Relaxsan collection of orthopedic mattresses is the Waterlattex mattress. Vacuum-packed for your convenience and to enhance the cleanliness of the mattress, we will ship a Relaxsan mattress to you that is easy to move around and install. Once out of this package, it will inflate to it's proper size in the room you are setting it in. What makes the Waterlattex mattress different from others is the amount of elasticity in the material. This allows it to conform best to the bodies lying on it and helps to relax muscles and increase good circulation in all parts of the body. The internal structure has been made to last for 15 years, where the elasticity in other mattresses would be lost at a much quicker rate. In addition, this mattress is non-allergenic and dust mite resistant. This makes it one of the cleanest mattresses around, so you can be sure that you won't be bothered by unsightly dirt or bed bugs. So order your Waterlattex mattress today and enjoy the perfect sleep tomorrow, thanks to our next day delivery service.