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There is nothing worse in the dead cold of winter than throwing on you pajamas and jumping into a freezing cold bed. It can seem like it takes hours for a mattress to warm up and begin radiating your heat back to you so that you can truly get comfortable enough to fall asleep. In the summer, the opposite trouble seems to befall us as no matter how cold our beds were all winter long, they begin to hold and radiate the baking heat of summer. No matter how you toss and turn, it seems as if your bed is designed to hold the environmental temperature rather than to keep you comfortable. No more, with Relaxsan mattresses! These wonderful memory foam mattresses are perfect for summer or for winter with just a quick and easy flip. That is because the Relaxsan mattresses have a cotton layer on one side for cooling you off during the worst of the summer heat, and a lovely inner layer of wool on the other for soaking up warmth and radiating it back to you when you are freezing cold in the winter time. You will be amazed at the difference that the Relaxsan mattresses make in the comfort of your sleep during the summer and winter months as your previous discomfort is banished for good. Fall asleep and dream of paradise on your wonderful Relaxsan mattress.