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As adults, we know how important it is to get the best night's sleep possible. A great night of rest improves our health, our energy levels, and affects our moods, too. We know that bad mattresses can cause discomfort and pain in our backs, necks, and even our legs, and we go out of the way to get the right mattress for our bodies in order to be as comfortable as possible on the piece of furniture on which we will spend the most time. So if we know how important it is to sleep right and sleep well, why do we put our children down on inferior mattresses, some many years or even decades old? We know that these mattresses are not of high quality, and yet we think that because they are young and resilient and because they do not complain of back pain, they don't need to sleep on quality mattresses. The truth is, the younger we start our children out on quality mattresses like Relaxsan mattresses, the less likely it will be that they will develop back pain and trouble sleeping later on. That is why Relaxsan makes a quality line of mattresses just for children and even babies. Treat your child to comfort and lasting back support that will give them the right start in life ? after all, your child spends even more time with their mattress than you do with yours.