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Relaxsan mattresses - vacuum packed for quality

One of the features of the Relaxsan range of mattresses is that they have been vacuum packed, using state of the art technology, for both comfort and durability. But what exactly does the phrase "vacuum packed" mean ? and how can this technology help you to sleep better? Most of us think of the food industry when we think of vacuum packing and the use of vacuum packing is older than many people think. As long ago as 1900, an American company, Hills Brothers Coffee, devised and used the first commercially reliable vacuum storage process. As the name suggests, vacuum packing involves removing excess air from the storage space in order to package or store food or other products. Vacuum packing has several advantages when it comes to your mattress - it loses none of its quality, durability or shape ? and it also tends to be a more hygienic way of packaging. And a vacuum packed mattress can be stored unopened for longer. The innovative technology behind Relaxsan mattresses was developed by Magniflex Italy and today, Relaxsan products are popular all over Europe. Amazingly, it's possible today for a mattress to be vacuum packed to around 10% of its size. And vacuum packing means convenience when it comes to unpacking your new mattress. Every Relaxsan mattress arrives at your home rolled up ? and then once you unpack your mattress, it expands to its full and permanent size within minutes. It?s as simple as that!