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Sealy Contract Beds for Health Care Facilities

Your preference for Sealy's contract beds is understandable. Health care facilities are increasingly concerned not only about their patients' back health and support but also about their comfort. Sealy's contract beds aren't your typical "one size fits all" kind of bed. They have at least half a dozen models that health care facilities can choose from. One famous Sealy contract bed is the Ampleside. Health care patients and their guests will love this luxurious bed that offers the ultimate in comfort. Each of the Ampleside's spring is surrounded by a strong fabric pocket so that the sleeper can move any way he or she wants, thanks to the torsion base. Another favorite is the Buttermere. If you're looking for upholstery that's of the highest quality, this model is the answer to the most demanding health care patient. The Buttermere has a triple offset spring unit that is reinforced by a foam strip that is robust, allowing it to support all four corners of the bed. Sealy's contract bed programme is ideal for health care facilities, whether they're modest or very upscale. But health care facilities are not the only users of Sealy contract beds. Groups in the hospitality sector - inns, hotels, spas and vacation rentals - can all benefit from Sealy's contract beds. Sealy's contract beds are different, safe, stylish, and are a far cry from traditional hospital beds. They're worth a close visual inspection. They also deserve a touch-feel experience. You'll be surprised by the generous layers of the mattresses and box springs. Health care facilities need to show their patients and their families that they do care. One way of showing that care is offering a Sealy bed! www.mattressnextday.co.uk