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Sealy grows in the UK

Ever since the first plant was established in the UK in 1974, modest sales have grown into big numbers, and Sealy remains one of the fastest growing brands in the United Kingdom. This mattress manufacturer creates quality beds and comfortable mattress designs that have helped the company to reach record sales consistently, even in the current competitive market place. Sealy distributes beds themselves, but also relies on companies like Mattress Next Day to get their wonderful products out to consumers. They hope that through their own marketing and sales through retailers all over the UK, Sealy will continue to show high sales and a national appreciation for the mattresses that they have to offer. Mattress Next Day sells plenty of Sealy beds because of the high quality that is evident with this international brand. Sealy spends more time and money than any other mattress manufacturer on research and development for new materials, designs, and the sleep technologies that will bring the best sleep to their customers. Their focus on quality and research and development have led Sealy to several industry awards for innovation, quality, and overall manufacturing excellence, and the company plans to continue this history of excellence far into the future. To experience the comforts of a Sealy bed yourself, choose from the extensive selection at Mattress Next Day. If you place your order by 3 pm today, you can be sleeping on your new Sealy bed by tomorrow night.