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Silentnight beds gives back

Silentnight Beds may offer some of the best prices and incredible deals on today's best mattresses, but it also does much more than that. In fact, we are a company that contributes to a number of charity events by donating cuddly toys for fundraising activities, and by helping in any way a charity may request of us. We strive to set the best example we can by giving back to our community, in addition to supplying consumers with mattresses that will help them sleep better and feel better in the morning. Some of our past contributions include the Gingerbread Brightening Lives Project, a fundraiser for St, Josheph's Catholic Primary School, and many others. If you are interested in the charities we have been involved with, you can contact the charity coordinator at turnerl@silentnight.co.uk. We are dedicated to helping our community in any way possible, so if you have any special requests for us, or would just like to let us now about a charity you are sponsoring, please send it our way to the same address above. We'll do our best to see that everyone's dreams come true, and we're happy to our part to make it happen.