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Simmons Beautyrest Black

Simmons Bedding Company has been famous for over a century for their quality mattresses, particularly their range of Beautyrest mattresses. The Beautyrest mattresses feature proprietary Pocketed Coil technology, which isolates each individual spring coil in its own fabric pocket. The high luxury range of Beautyrest mattresses, the Beautyrest Exceptionale, features 1960 coil density and the finest quality materials to offer unparalleled comfort in sleep. But even that wasn't enough for Simmons. Now Simmons Bedding Company offers the Beautyrest Black collection, a collection of high range luxury mattresses that incorporate the findings of the latest and best sleep research and technology. The Beautyrest Black collection is the only collection of mattresses that offers the new Simmons Advanced Pocketed Coil spring system. An improvement on the standard Pocketed Coil system used in the other ranges of Beautyrest mattresses, the Advanced Pocketed Coil system features three wires woven together in every single coil to offer exceptional stability and motion separation. It's uniquely designed to be more responsive to your own movements and weight without being affected at all by your partner's movements. According to Simmons, the Advanced Pocketed Coils springs respond instantly to your movements, "gently embracing you so you can enjoy a deeper, more undisturbed sleep". In addition to the advancement in the pocketed coil system used by all Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, the Beautyrest Black collection features luxury materials like silk, alpaca and wool in the bedding layers, and true luxury foam edges to provide 100% luxury and comfort throughout the mattress. Durable luxury is what the Beautyrest Black collection is all about. Click here to view our range of Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattresses