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Sleep Tips for Travellers from Simmons

Simmons Bedding Company has made healthy sleep its business for nearly 130 years, so it's no surprise that they offer tips to help you sleep better. Travelers are often at risk of sleep deprivation. Away from home, with their bodies used to a different time clock, they may have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Here are some handy tips from Simmons for travelers to help them enjoy a more productive holiday or business trip. - Plan ahead if you can. You can avoid jet lag on a trip if you reset your body's clock in advance. Starting five days before your scheduled departure, wake up and go to bed a little earlier each day if you're going east. If you're traveling west, wake up and go to bed a little later each day. - Avoid early morning and red-eye flights if possible, and try to schedule your arrival in time to get a full night's sleep on your first night. - Request a room away from elevators, ice machines, stairways, hospitality suites and other disturbances. If the hotel is on a busy street, ask for a room on a high floor to put as much room between you and noise as possible. - If possible, ask for a room that faces north or east so that your hotel room has the benefit of early morning sunlight. You'll wake up feeling more refreshed. - Pull the heavy drapes at night to darken the room for sleep. - Get out into the sunlight during the early morning and late afternoon. It will help your body realize that it's still daytime. One thing that probably won't be a problem when you're traveling is your mattress. More hotels worldwide choose Simmons Beautyrest mattresses than any other brand.