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Sleepeezee Pocket Serene

There has been a substantial amount of research conducted on memory foam, which was originally created by NASA to cushion astronauts from intense G Forces. It was later learned that memory foam would be a great sleeping surface, so mattresses started being manufactured out of the material. The Sleepeezee Pocket Serene uses this technology to inhibit a good night's sleep with the necessary support that needed by certain areas of the body in order to get proper rest. Also in the research that has been conducted on memory foam, it has been found that it can slow down and, in some cases, prevent pressure sores for those who are bedridden and benefits those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other conditions that can cause a person to lose sleep at night. Sleepeezee mattresses are used for these purposes every single day. The pressure relieving foam of the Sleepeezee Pocket Serene is combined with 1000 pocket springs to distribute the body's weight over the entire surface to help relieve pressure on certain areas of the body. This is great for those with health conditions. The Sleepeezee Pocket Serene gives a medium to firm feel and reacts to the movement of the body to create a perfect contour and relieve the effects of arthritis or other bone and joint disorders. This mattress is a great example as to how Sleepeezee takes tradition and mixes it with modern technology. They also do it in an affordable way so that many can enjoy a good and healthy sleep. mattressnextday.co.uk