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Sleepeezee Splendide

The Sleepeezee Splendide offers those who buy it a touch of uniqueness. This mattress is certainly not like any mattress that you have ever seen with its 2000 Beautyrest pocket springs. This Sleepeezee mattress has been defined as having three worlds rolled into one mattress. The first world is the CoolMax cover that controls the humidity of the body and keeps you cool while you sleep. If you are one who has a tendency to become overheated at night, then this is going to be of a great benefit to you. The second world is the memory foam that lies just under the CoolMax cover. This memory foam that Sleepeezee incorporates into many of their mattresses contours to the shape or your body to give you the support that you need for your back, hips, neck, etc. The third world is Sleepeezee's unique 2000 pocket springs that lie beneath the memory foam that equally distributes your weight and relieves your spine of any unnecessary pressure. The springs respond to every single movement, but they are individually pocketed, which means your sleeping mate does not have to feel you move. This Sleepeezee mattress packs a punch with a 5 year warranty and it does not require turning. It even has a complementary woven border and has the properties of the much sought out pillow-top mattress. This is certainly a Sleepeezee mattress that has a lot rolled into one, which means, instead of getting the best of both worlds, the owner of this Sleepeezee mattress is getting the best of three worlds. mattressnextday.co.uk