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Sleepeezee Touch 25cm

If you are in dire need of a better night's sleep, then there is a solution for you. That solution is the Sleepeezee Touch 25cm. Sleepeezee makes a large number of mattresses that dramatically improves sleep and each is unique in its own way. The Sleepeezee Touch 25cm uses slow recovery pressure with slow recovery memory foam, which has a positive effect on a wide range of medical conditions. These Sleepeezee mattresses are the type of mattresses that are frequently used in hospitals and nursing homes because of their ability to prevent pressure sores that can later lead to gangrene. Many have lost legs due to gangrene caused by pressure sores, but Sleepeezee mattresses are being used in medical communities to keep this from happening. When these Sleepeezee mattresses are used, healthcare costs are being preserved, the patient gets to keep their leg, and the patient is also more comfortable. The Sleepeezee Touch mattress reduces pressure on pressure points, providing a much more comfortable sleep. Those who suffer from back problems are in more pain when sleeping with a misaligned back, but the Sleepeezee Touch keeps the spinal column straight, which minimizes pain. The whole idea of these Sleepeezee mattresses is to minimise the pressure that leads to pain. Through minimising the pain in the hips, arms, back, and neck, the person is able to get the sleep they need to optimise their performance throughout their day. This is very important to being productive and not wanting to fall asleep in the middle of very important tasks. mattressnextday.co.uk