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Sleepeezee Viscolux 5000

The Sleepeezee Viscolux 5000 is not your typical memory foam mattress. The health benefits of memory foam is in no way doubted, but while some have been trying to reap those medical benefits, they have also had their complaints. Their complaints have nothing to do with the separation of motion or the pressure relief that they provide. The complaints have been with the sinking sensation they experience, claimed it was too hard to move, or they get too hot. Sleepeezee fixed that problem, though. They did it through the development of their Sleepeezee Viscolux 5000. It still uses memory foam technology, but it is created in a vacuum-sealed chamber that increases resilience and airflow. The movement responses is quick, making it easier to move and also reduces heat-buildup to help you maintain the temperature that you need. That way you're not throwing blankets off of yourself in the middle of the night to try to cool yourself off. You can remain comfortable the way you are meant to. Sleepeezee is always coming up with these new innovative ways to address the concerns of customers and they do it without the heavy expense. The Sleepeezee Viscolux 5000 is also anti dust mite and hypo-allergenic. It also requires no flipping, which is great for those who absolutely despise flipping a mattress. If in doubt, just look at the 10 year warranty. This proves that Sleepeezee believes in their products and believes that what they have created will help you to sleep better at night. mattressnextday.co.uk