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Over the past 60 years Millbrook beds have built a reputation for excellence. Buying a good bed is an investment in sound sleep, your health and gives a lift to the spirit. We live in a highly competitive society and a good night?s sleep is of paramount importance. Ask anyone who have spent a few nights sleeping on a lumpy bed what their outlook on the world was in the morning. Add to that inferior bedding and it is the perfect recipe for a grouch. Whether you overnight in a hotel or for your own home use, a Millbrook mattress is what your body deserves. Once the investment has been made it is time to spoil yourself. You must compliment the excellent Millbrook bed you have purchased. To protect your Millbrook mattress and prolong its life it is a good idea to buy a functional mattress protector. Top that with the luxurious comfort of a duck feather duvet to snuggle under on those cold winter nights. If on the other hand you are unfortunate enough to suffer from allergies, an anti allergy duvet is just the thing for you. to add that final touch of luxury as you lie down for that well earned night of rest, make sure that you have several comfortable pillows at hand. Your head and neck needs the correct support to help you drift along in slumber. Spoiling yourself with fine bedding is not an indulgence really; it is must haves to compliment your deserved sleep on a superior Millwood bed. www.mattressnextday.co.uk