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SpringFree: Sealy's Latex Mattress

Sealy brand beds and mattresses are top of the line products that deliver comfort and dependability at very reasonable prices. One of Sealy's most innovative and captivating productions is the SpringFree mattress. Instead of using springs like many mattresses, or memory foam like some of the more expensive and space age types, SpringFree mattresses are comprised of a number of latex layers that offer maximum comfort and form-fitting capabilities. Latex is an excellent material for mattresses and offers a number of pluses in forming excellent sleep habits. Latex is, for one, antimicrobial, which means that SpringFree mattresses are going to give you many nights of sleep that are allergy free. If you often wake up with red, itchy eyes or a runny nose, you may be having allergic reactions to microbes and dust in your mattress. This would make you a prime candidate for the SpringFree mattress by Sealy, which will make sure you don't suffer from overnight allergies again. Sealy beds are known to be expertly crafted, and the SpringFree mattresses they offer are no exception. Using latex, each of these mattresses are able to be formed without an seams, allowing them to spread cushioning evenly throughout the entire bed. When you take into account its 10-year warranty, SpringFree by Sealy becomes an even better choice for a new mattress.