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Storage Bases for Your Bed

When you buy a new Myers bed, you have a choice of many different storage configurations for your support base. Building storage options into the base of your bed is one of the best ways to add storage to your bedroom without taking up valuable floor space. Myers beds mixes and matches three different styles of under bed storage drawers to offer a wide range of storage bases on which to place your new mattress. End drawers slide in beneath the mattress support base from the end of the bed. They fit the full width of the support base, and are an ideal option if you have little room on one or another side of your bed. Side drawers are designed to slide under the support base from the side. Each side drawer is half the length of the mattress, making it nearly the depth and width of an end drawer. Continental drawers are half-width side drawers that fit into the head end of the support base. They are designed specifically to be used with beds that are set beside bedside tables. They?re smaller width allows you to open the drawer without banging into your bedside table. The most popular option for storage bases is a four drawer configuration with either two full size drawers on each side of the bedstead or one full size and one Continental drawer on either side of the storage base, but you can easily customize your storage base to fit your needs. www.mattressnextday.co.uk