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The Benefits of a Dorlux Bed

Dorlux beds provide many benefits. There are a range of styles of Dorlux beds that have many features that help improve sleep. Dorlux beds contain more springs than traditional mattresses. Some contain twice as many, and others contain up to three times the traditional number of springs. Dorlux mattresses are available with memory foam. Originally developed for use in the space program, memory foam gained widespread use in the medical community. Mattresses and pads with memory foam reduce the risk of developing pressure sores in patients that spend a great deal of time lying down. Using memory foam on a home mattress is a great way to have a mattress that cradles your body. Memory foam also does an excellent job of retaining heat. For people that easily get cold at night, memory foam mattresses are a wonderful investment. Dorlux beds have handles and air vents. These features increase the lifespan of your bed. With conveniently placed handles, the bed is much easier to turn, which prevents the mattress from wearing unevenly. Air vents allow the bed to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Some Dorlux beds allow the owner to adjust one side or the other independently. With individual supports behind the neck, back and legs, as well as a head support, the Dorlux bed helps reduce restless nights. In addition to all of the benefits of a Dorlux bed, they are also hypoallergenic. www.mattressnextday.co.uk