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The benefits of latex in Dunlopillo products

For almost 80 years, Dunlopillo has been manufacturing high quality mattresses and pillows ? having accidentally invented latex foam back in 1929. Latex has several qualities which give it an advantage over other products ? and help to ensure a good night's sleep. Latex is strong and can easily support a heavy load ? ideal for a mattress. Dunlopillo products are available in several levels of firmness. A latex mattress also provides the user with greater comfort and back support as the material conforms to the contours of the body. Because of this ability to conform to the shape of the user, latex mattresses are ideal for offering individual support ? two people can sleep in comfort without disturbing each other, even if one person is restless. And this feature also makes them ideal for using in adjustable beds. Synthetic latex contains no proteins and is therefore ideal for allergy sufferers as there is almost no chance of an allergic reaction. And studies by Dunlopillo have also shown that a latex mattress or pillow is better able to kill bacteria cells and bed bugs. Latex pillows and mattresses also offer excellent ventilation even in warmer weather ? ensuring a restful and healthy night's sleep. And one of the biggest benefits of a Dunlopillo latex mattress? There is no need to turn it. Visit