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The Best of Creature Comforts

Ever wondered why Sealy's the top favourite of many? Answer: it delivers comfort plus plus! The plus plus are the extra features that win the customers over. If you don't believe this, visit a mattress store and try it out for yourself. Because really, there are a hundred ways to skin the cat, but you can describe a bed in only a number of ways. Customers know the proof is in the snoozin'. Yet, the best part about Sealy is it delivers more than sleep. We all get used to our creature comforts. Sealy makes sure the comfort of sleep is what you get - and more, of course. One, it's long on posture. Check out its Posture Pocket Collection. One model that stands out is the Pocket Finesse. It's synonymous to softer sleep, with luxury and comfort added. Other brands may give a tad of comfort, but with Sealy you get luxury as well. Not many brands can meet that power combo. Two, Sealy has introduced its Posturepedic Collection featuring its Gentle Support and Twilight Models. When it says layers of luxurious upholstery, this is no exaggerated claim. You can feel it for yourself. Just touch the handles and rotate it. The handles are delicately crafted with fabric - fabric that's nice to the touch. Three, Sealy went up a notch higher by creating its Posturepedic Ultra Collection. Under this line, you can choose between their Tranquil and Ortho Reflex models. Tranquil's mattresses are micro-tufted and non-turn - no layer spared. Ortho Reflex has the same qualities but it has a unique foam encapsulation system which gives the sensation that the bed is compact, all-in. We did say creature comforts didn't we?