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The Growing Line Of King Koil Products

King Koil, established as a bedding industry leader, has been adding to its product line since it was founded in 1898. Over the last century, King Koil has been offering affordable bedding of the highest quality all over the globe. As a company, the engineers and craftsmen of these products take pride in creating bedding that is comfortable, durable and can be purchased by anyone at an affordable cost. However, recent developments and innovations in bedding have led King Koil to take a new approach to its bedding selection. With the introduction of new bedding materials and designs, they are making several changes that can mean an even higher quality product! Some of the changes include the use of multiple gauge coils, durable memory foams, and synthetic fibers that can resist impressions. When it comes to changes in its product line, King Koil does not balk or resist these changes. This company embraces the changes as a means to providing its customers with an even better night's sleep! In recent years, King Koil's product offerings had more than doubled, integrating materials that are changing the entire bedding industry. In the process, they have maintained their standards of quality, making them the true "royalty of bedding".