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The History of Memory Foam

The success of Millbrook started in 1946 when the company worked to fit proud sea vessels with the finest interiors featuring exemplary comfort and style. Twenty-three years later the United States government was working with a product designed to help astronauts manage the G-forces associated with space travel. While history remains unclear as to the ultimate usefulness of this product in space exploration it has found a profound usefulness in providing a comfortable night?s rest to Millbrook customers. A term generally used to describe the substance they discovered was ?visco-elastic memory foam?. The breakdown of the term may best be associated with the terms viscosity and elastic. Viscosity is the rate at which liquid flows. For instance a high viscosity would be thick syrup. The picture here is a product that slowly reshapes itself (visco) to new pressures while returning to its natural shape when those pressures are no longer evident (elastic). A Millbrook bed that uses a memory foam mattress combines two rich heritages that have served more than one distinct purpose, but when combined have enriched the sleep of many. Medical science has shown that memory foam mattresses, like the ones sold by Millbrook, provide superior blood flow and enhanced circulation. This happens because there are no pressure points to stop or inhibit circulation. This aids in faster recovery times and a better night?s rest during recovery, and long afterwards. You owe it to yourself to discover the historical significance of a good night?s rest with a Millbrook bed featuring a memory foam mattress. www.mattressnextday.co.uk