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The Hypnos Heritage Collection

Hypnos Heritage collection beds are made from the most luxurious natural materials available today. Each bed is designed and crafted with style, comfort and elegance in mind. The base and headboard of each model have been opulently constructed using thick layers of silk, cashmere and cotton, providing you with the softest, smoothest bed you've ever felt. All Heritage collection mattresses feature rich damask materials and come with a supportive base, giving you the restful, comfortable sleep that you've always wanted. The Eminence bed dazzles the eye with gold and silver color accents. Its mattress is comprised of more than 2000 springs in a 150 cm area, providing the utmost support and reactivity to the contours of your spine. The bed is filled with cotton, cashmere, lambs wool and silk, the beautiful divan base is accentuated by a lovely pleated valance. The Empress bed features every luxury for which a royal highness could ask. Nearly 2000 high-tensile, reactive springs make up the mattress, which excels in orthopedic support and aesthetic appeal. The border seams are all carefully hand stitched for the greatest possible strength and durability, allowing you enjoy rest and relaxation in your Empress bed for many years. The bed is filled with cotton, cashmere, lambs wool and silk, and a lovely pleated valance accentuates the beautiful divan base. The Sovereign model bed will protect your precious sleep for years and years. Handcrafted with natural materials, both exterior and interior design guarantee that with the Sovereign Heritage bed, you will enjoy a lifetime of the deeply restful sleep. www.mattressnextday.co.uk