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The Importance of Proper Back Support

Close to 80% of the adult population (and a surprising number of children) report that they wake in the morning with stiff and aching backs. Recovering from a night's sleep on an uncomfortable mattress or sleep surface can seriously impact your enjoyment of life, and put a crimp in your productivity. According to sleep experts, a mattress that offers proper back support is one of the keys to getting a good night's sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and energetic when you wake rather than aching and drained. Simmons Bedding Company designs several mattress lines that offer proper back support. Their patented Comfort Zone System uses a combination of Pocketed Coils and supportive foam to support your body where it needs extra support and reduce pressure on your joints where you don't need the extra firmness. Unlike many traditional mattresses, Simmons BackCare mattresses are anatomically designed with five zones, each uniquely suited to the kind of support that your body needs at that point. Support zones at your lower back and upper thighs put extra support where it's needed to keep your spine properly aligned during sleep, while comfort zones beneath your hips, feet, shoulders and head cradle your body in comfort and reduce pressure that disturbs your sleep and leads to muscle aches and pains in the morning.