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The Importance of Your Mattress for Good Back Care

If you suffer from back pain, Myers Beds offers some expert tips for choosing the right mattress. Numerous studies show that the right mattress can help alleviate and even completely eliminate back pain. Here?s why: - You spend close to one third your life sleeping on your mattress. - When you lie down on your mattress, your body typically will try to conform to the mattress. That can lead to misalignment of your spine, which puts pressure and strain on your back muscles and your spinal column. - A mattress that is too soft will allow the heavier parts of your body to sink lower, often leaving gaps of support beneath the small of your back. Lacking that support, your body will either curve downward into the trough created by your shoulders and hips, or fight that curve, putting strain on the muscles. A well-made mattress offers firm support where it?s needed, and cushioning where it will prevent aching joints. If you suffer from back pain ? particularly if you feel stiff in the morning, or if your back pain is worse after a night?s sleep, your mattress may be a big part of your back problems. If that?s the case, consider a combination open spring and visco-memory foam mattress, which will offer the proper level of support for each part of your body. www.mattressnextday.co.uk