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Are you aching for a softer sleeping surface? Maybe a Sealy bed can put that craving to rest! Sleep is every person's # 1 need so Sealy wants to make sure you get lots of it. They've built their mattresses with you in mind - and your lovely dog if he much prefers your bed to his. Sealy's UniCase system concept provides utmost protection and cushion that guarantee comfort and the extraordinary feel of luxury. It is this UniCase system technology that eliminates the spreading of typical pocket mattresses. In one of its models, Pocket Finesse, the non-turn mattress only needs to be rotated from one end to the other. Sealy's non turn mattresses come with handles made of soft fabric and its Soft Touch pocket spring system provides a wonderful surface feel not found in other brands. Sealy is proud of its other mattresses in its new 2007 Posturepedic collection. One of these mattress is what is known as "micro tufted" - it also has multiple upholstery layers so sleepers benefit from a 100% restful sleep. This model only needs end-to-end rotation as well. Sealy's edge-guard technology, built into the upholstery, offers additional comfort and support, not just in the area occupied by the sleeper, but also to the edge of the mattress. Mattresses made by Sealy were especially designed for its most demanding clients. Another mattress technology is the Triple Offset mattress spring system, built into its Gentle Support 2007 model under the Posturepedic Collection. Again, comfort and support right to the edge is its most outstanding feature. Your search for THE mattress that matters ends when you give Sealy the sleep over!