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The pros and cons of napping

Napping is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. In fact, many people now rely on the quick periods of sleep to make it through the day. Experts even agree that dozing off can be helpful as long as it only occurs in short bursts no longer than 30 minutes. So when you’re tired, should you nap or wait until bedtime? Here are a few pros and cons to consider.



It’s generally a nice experience if you get to nap in a bed. After all, there’s nothing like getting cosy on your mattress. Alternatively, if you sleep at a desk or sat up on public transport, you might feel achy when you awake.

Better than stimulants

It’s more beneficial to sleep rather than boost your energy levels with caffeine and sugar because it’s a natural remedy. Additionally, napping won’t affect your concentration in such a negative way either.


Experts have found that naps can increase a person’s alertness by a substantial amount. This is especially important if someone is about to go on a long drive, sit an exam or work a long shift.



There’s a certain level of self-discipline needed with naps. You have to be prepared to wake after no later than half an hour’s sleep, or else you might risk snoozing for a long period of time. In a worst case scenario, you could lose the best part of an afternoon if you don’t obey your alarm.


It’s possible to become drowsy and groggy following a nap. This sensation isn’t guaranteed to subside immediately either and can instead last for several hours after you have woken up.

Difficultly sleeping later

This is perhaps the most problematic element of napping. If you do hit the hay in the middle of the day, it’s possible that you could struggle to sleep during the night. You could either find that you’re alert when bedtime swings around or that you wake unexpectedly throughout the night.

The decision is yours

It’s highly advisable that you weigh up these pros and cons before deciding on a nap. The choice is yours and depends on factors such as lifestyle, work commitments and self-discipline.