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The Top Tempur-Pedic Complaint Demystified

If you are looking into buying a memory foam bed, and specifically the Tempura bed by Tempur-Pedic, then you have likely heard the most common complaint against this mattress: the bed feels too hot for some consumers. Because of the unique materials used in the construction of this memory foam mattress, the bed may feel hotter than your average coil spring mattress. The foam of the bed is reactive to body temperatures, and tends to hold that heat in for as long as you are lying on the bed, making it feel warmer than many other kinds of mattresses. In fact, because it is so responsive to body temperatures, the Tempura mattress is actually warmer than other, less effective memory foam brands. In reality, it is only a minority of customers who have trouble sleeping on the Tempura mattress. For most people, the adjustment to the slightly warmer mattress is an easy one to make right away, or one that takes no more than a month to become automatic. You might find that after trying out the Tempura mattress for a few weeks, you do not even notice that it is warm anymore. While it is no myth that the Tempura mattress is warmer than most other mattresses, it should not be discounted or overlooked based on this information. It is often an easy adjustment for people to make, and the benefits of the high quality memory foam are worth a couple night of adjustment. The memory foam will align your spine to help you sleep better and longer, and will cradle you through the night for a restful night's sleep. www.mattressnextday.co.uk