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The unique No Need To Turn spring system of Hypnos beds

It's been estimated that the average person turns over in bed at night between 30 and 60 times. However, you won't need to turn your Hypnos mattress quite as often - thanks to the company's innovative spring system. Most traditional mattresses need to be turned regularly to maintain their comfort and support. Turning a mattress over is a chore that many of us tend to forget about or put off altogether. When we do remember to turn our mattress, it can be difficult to accomplish and often requires two people, depending on the size of the mattress. As the name suggests, the "no need to turn" system ensures that you won't need to turn your mattress over on a regular basis. This is made possible by the springs ? perhaps the most important part of any mattress. Unlike ordinary mattresses, each spring on a Hypnos mattress is manufactured from over four feet of high tensile steel wire, ensuring the mattress keeps its shape. The "no need to turn" technology, combined with other features such as edge to edge support ensures that Hypnos mattresses offer users convenience and reliability as well as comfort. Hypnos declares their beds to be "the most comfortable in the world". Try a Hypnos bed for yourself and see if you agree. www.mattressnextday.co.uk