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Things to Avoid with Your Rest Assured Mattress

As with any mattress, there are certain things that are to be avoided with your new Rest Assured mattress. By avoiding these things you are going to be giving your Rest Assured mattress the care that it deserves, therefore getting the maximum life span out of it, which is considerable when compared to other beds. What are the things to avoid? ? Don't bend or roll the mattress. The structure of the mattress could be compromised. It is also not wise to store the mattress on its side or on the end. ? Do not sit on the very edge of the mattress. Such localised pressure could result in a weakening of that part of the mattress. ? If your Rest Assured bed has a traditional mattress that requires turning, make sure that it is turned once a week during the first two to three months of its life and then turned once a month thereafter. You want to make sure it isn't banged or dropped, for this can compromise the spring system. ? Do not use non-professional upholstery cleaners if the mattress or divan needs cleaned. However, if soiling occurs, it can be cleaned with a weak soap and water solution and a sponge. So as you can see, it is crucial that you maintain your mattress to make sure you do not have to prematurely replace it. Poor mattress care results in the unnecessary costs, but that can be avoided with Rest Assured beds and their state-of-the-art mattresses that are given the proper care. You will save money in the long run. www.mattressnextday.co.uk