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What are Dorlux mattresses?

Dorlux mattresses are made with a variety of features that provide an excellent night?s sleep, long lasting comfort and relief for many allergy sufferers. Dorlux beds provide many details that make a quality night?s sleep easier to attain. They also offer many features that extend the life of the mattress. There are many styles of Dorlux beds to choose from, and you can certainly find one that will best meet your needs. Dorlux beds with memory foam are a good choice for people who have trouble sleeping. The memory foam conforms instantly to your body, supporting it in some areas and yielding in others. This provides a comfortable cocoon in which you can rest. Other features of Dorlux beds include multiple layers of filling and padding. This creates a supportive structure on which you can rest. Some Dorlux beds have double the amount of springs as a traditional bed, while others have three times the amount. These extra springs not only add additional support to the bed, but will help increase the life of the mattress by reducing wear and tear. Some Dorlux mattresses offer independent adjustable sleeping positions. Adjustments on either side of the bed allow both people to sleep in the position that they find most comfortable. Sleeping in a comfortable, supported position reduces the amount of tossing and turning that you do during the night. While the sleep benefits of Dorlux are truly exceptional, these beds have other features as well. Handles make it easier to flip the mattress, which means that you are more likely to do it on a regular basis. Micro-quilted damask fabric covering the mattress provides a durable yet comfortable finish. www.mattressnextday.co.uk