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What are the main rules for napping during the day?

Napping during the day is not just for kids anymore. A nap can help a person recharge, assist in healing of an illness or injury, and can provide a much-needed break in the middle of a hectic day. In order to use your time for nap most effectively, you need to plan for when, where and how you will nap. Try to carve out at least an hour of the day to nap. Any less time may be draining and disruptive to the rest of the day. If you have to be up at a certain time, be sure to set an alarm to wake you. Worrying about sleeping too long will prevent you from getting to sleep. Try not to eat a large lunch. Eat a smaller meal, or give yourself sufficient time between eating and nap to digest a little. A full stomach may make it difficult to get comfortable, and may cause you to wake feeling ill. The rest of the world is hustling and bustling, and an open window will bring all that noise in. Sleep with a fan instead. A couch or chair may seem convenient for napping, but could never compare to a top of the line mattress. You want to make sure that your hour to nap is spent sleeping, not tossing and turning. A superior mattress will ensure a successful, soothing, refreshing nap. Contact www.mattressnextday.co.uk for more information