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What can night workers do to make sure they receive enough rest?

A night worker may never get enough rest, but there are ways to get very close. Once you succumb to the fact that your days and nights have to be rearranged, reversed, and creatively altered, you will surely find a system that works for you. After you finish a shift, schedule enough time to sleep. This will be easy because sleep will be all you can think about. In order to succeed in sleeping soundly enough to conquer another night of work, you should prepare your environment. Make sure the temperature in your room is comfortable enough to sleep in, and shut the ringer off on the phone. If you have difficulty sleeping in daylight, you can buy a blackout curtain, or an eye mask. If you have not eaten in a while, eat a snack before you go to sleep. Hunger can force you to wake. None of this would matter without a high-quality mattress. When you finally crawl into bed, your exhaustion will hit you like a ton of bricks. The perfect mattress can cradle a ton of bricks, and allow you to wake up feeling as though the six hours you slept were really ten. If you do not have a superior mattress, you should contact You can have your new mattress delivered within a day, and get a good day sleep to get you ready for another night of work.