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What if I'm just too busy to sleep? Can I just get by with the occasional cat nap?

A cat nap is defined as light dozing. Many cultures build a nap into their day so it can't be all bad. There is no research that shows whether changing your entire sleep pattern to using cat naps or power naps is healthy or unhealthy. Research does show cat naps are a good way to become refreshed. Cat naps are not meant to replace regular sleep rather they balance a good night's rest. When cat napping, it is best to plan not to sleep over 30 minutes or you will awaken groggy. A cat nap of less than 15 minutes isn't enough time to make a difference. Here are some tips for ensuring a cat nap works. Get comfortable. If you have a bed available, this is a good way to get comfortable. If your bed is not comfortable, this can reduce the effect of your cat nap. Decide if your bed is uncomfortable because the mattress is too soft or too hard. A mattress that is the wrong firmness can create serious sleep issues whether you are cat napping or trying to get a night's sleep. Also think about your bed. Is it comfortable or uncomfortable? A bed that has bad springs, even with a good mattress can ruin a good cat nap. A bed that is too small can also thwart restorative sleep so be sure your bed fits you. www.mattressnextday.co.uk